Monday, October 24, 2011

Website Launch

I promise I'm not going to spam you guys, just want to keep everyone in the loop. I'm planning on taking the website live next week and starting live streaming lessons on Thursday of next week. I couldn't be more excited! The website will be will link together this blog, my You Tube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and there will be a store. You'll be able to subscribe to live weekly lessons (2 of them on Tuesday and 2 of them on Thursday, beginner and advanced, morning and evening). The times are aimed at hitting the most time zones I can with the most convenient times I can. There will be some tweaking done to the schedule once I launch and I'll be adding or taking times away as needed. You will be able to subscribe monthly or yearly. Each live lesson will come with a pdf of the exercises. There will be a live lesson vault that will hold a months worth of lessons so you can go back and review any that you miss. Eventually, I'll be adding mp3 playalongs to each lesson. The only thing it won't be right out of the gate is HD...that will come in the next month or so. I've got to completely upgrade my system to make that happen, and I don't want to delay the launch any longer.

As well as the website providing all of the above, there will be hundreds of individual lessons available for download at a next to nothing price. They're short (5-10 minutes) in length, cover a very specific topic, and come with an optional pdf download of the lesson. And finally, there will be a link for my book.

And that's it. Very simple, very streamlined, and very focused on giving drummers worlwide the opportunity to have quality instruction for less than half of the price of one drum lesson...and that's for the whole month!

Seriously, I couldn't be more excited. Be watching next week because there will be giveaways and alot of other things going on.


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