Monday, October 3, 2011

This Month...

So I've been a bit quiet on here as of late. I usually try to get new content up pretty regularly, but I've been juggling alot of balls lately and this is the one that suffered a bit. But it's all for a greater good!

I've been working my tail off for the past two months. I've completely revamped my studio setup, bought a TON of new gear (or toys as I like to refer to them), and spent the rest of my time trying to learn the ropes of what I'm planning for later this month.

I've been leaking out little tidbits on Facebook and Twitter about my "secret project". It's almost done. To sum it up...I'll finally have a dedicated website that will link together all of my social sites, as well as the book, as well as this blog, etc. A place where you can jump on real quick and see what's going on. Quite a few have been asking for a simpler way to keep up with things...well there you go.

As well as simply tying everything together, there will be some other goodies on there. I'll have downloadable lessons with pdf's of the exercises included with the download. I'll also be offering live lessons...which has been the source of a lot of my frustrations for the past couple of months. BUT...we're almost there. I've always offered ALL of my lessons, question answering, gig advice, etc for absolutely free. And I still will be putting LOADS of content up for free. That being said, the lessons and questions and blogs and charts and everything else that goes along with what I do has begun to take up significant portions of my week. Like, 30-40 hours some weeks. And I love it. Wouldn't want to do anything else. I wanted to find a way where I could sustain the pace but also reach more drummers that maybe can't get quality education where they are.

I'll get to the point...I'll be offering some of the lessons for a small fee. I emphasize SMALL. I'm not in this for the's all about helping fellow players. I do have to eat though. I'll also be charging a small fee for the live lessons. Again, for what you'll be getting every month, it will be, less than half the cost of one private lesson...for a months worth of lessons. You'll be able to tune in in real time, ask questions, and get feedback right on the spot. You can't beat that with a stick.

I will make a promise to you guys...I will NEVER come off as a salesman. It's just not me. If you want to subscribe for lessons, great. If you want to buy some lessons, fantastic. If you just wanna check out everything free I offer, I'm just as stoked. I've tried to keep all of the pricing beyond cheap.

I'm really hoping all of this comes together how I'm envisioning it...I think we've got a great community of players and I'm only wanting to find ways to enhance that.

Keep your eyes open this's gonna be killer!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I think you've more than proven your salt as an online educator so I have no problem shelling out a couple of bucks for what you have. I'll probably never be able to catch out the realtime lessons but I assume they'll be available for viewing if you're a member, right? I think if people are hesitant to sign up because of that reason they should keep in mind that other people will probably ask the same questions they would've if they were watching live. Simply put, live lessons are worth it even if you can't catch them live! I'm ready, let's do this!!

Stephen said...

Thanks so much for the support...I need to hire you to do my sales pitch, lol! And yes, I'm planning on trying to make a schedule that will give everyone the most opportunity to view the live lesson. I plan on doing two lessons every week around 10 or 11 am my time (Nashville, TN) and then another two between 5:30 and 7pm. I'm still messing with the schedule side of it...trying to take into account everyones time zone and figure out the most convenient times for everyone, which is quite a chore lol. It will probably be a bit of trial and error as well, listening to feedback from everyone. And I'll add times if I need to just to accomodate a few people. But yes, to answer your other question...the live lesson vault will hold the past 3-4 weeks of live lessons and if you're a member you can log in and view them at any time, as many times as you'd like, as well as download the pdf for that lesson.

-Stephen T.

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