Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How To Tune A Snare Drum

I get this question almost daily...so here ya go. A practical lesson on how to tune a snare drum.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Student - Welcome Ashley!

One of the new students, Ashley, signed up last week, jumped in with both feet, and has already posted a vid of the stuff she's mastering from the live lessons. Watch out fellas, she's a KILLA!!!

Also, wanna welcome Jason to the live lessons as well! Pumped to have ya bro!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

John Bonham Triplets - 30 Second Drum Lesson

We break 'em down...in 30 seconds or less!!!

Drum Solo Help


Im going to be in a drum off and have been watchin your videos for help and love them. Got any ideas to make my solo pop and stand out to others? and any ideas on what i should play?


100jasonallin (YouTube)

Sorry it took me so long to respond...I've been swamped!

And sure...the biggest thing you want to have in your pocket when you go to a drum off or drum competition is a clear idea of what you're going to play. I always come up with a motif...a recurring theme that I will come back to, build upon, revert to if I lose my head and get lost in the solo. It can be a 1 bar phrase, an interesting groove, a 4 bar idea, etc...there are no rules, you simply want to have a reference point that you can come back to, one that links the whole solo together for the listener and judges. After you figure that out, make 4-5 different sections. Each section should lean heavily on skills and licks that you already have down cold.

The biggest thing you want to do is HAVE FUN! You'll learn so much just by participating in something like a drum competition...the next one you enter will be ten times better than this one, I promise you that.

Hope that helps!


Snare Strand Size

Hi Stephen,

hope you're good mate. Quick question I'm sure you'll be able to answer..
I need some new snare wires for a couple of 14" snare drums, and i'm looking online for some good ones. When they say
'14" snare wires'
does that mean wires for a 14" snare drum? or the wires themselves are 14" long? because obviously i need the wires to be an inch shorter than the drum. I hope that makes sense.
I was trying to google this but it wasn't working for me so thought i'd ask you.
Thanks buddy


What's up Danny...

I can see how you'd be confused. The 14" means it's for a 14" snare drum. I hope that helps bro!