Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Typical Nashville Rehearsal...

I can't tell you how many times I've been involved in a rehearsal like this one...they work if everyone involved is a professional, but they're really funny to watch from the outside!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roll Lessons

I had alot of questions about a couple of the rolls I did in a cover that I put up not to long ago...after going back and forth w/ peeps, I decided to just make a couple of lessons on the concept and how I worked on it while in college. These exercises will help you incorporate your cymbals and toms into your rolls (i.e. 4 stroke, 5 stroke, 6 stroke, 7 stroke, etc.) If you ever have any questions or video lesson requests, please just shoot me a line and let me know...that's why I'm here!

Studio Video Tour-aka "My Own Slice of Paradise"

Earlier this year I did a few posts on my studio (What it looked like before here...the process update here...and some of the acoustical treatment I did here) so here's an official (sorta) tour of the finished place and the gear that I use.

Latin Styles Drum Lesson Series

I've been putting out a bunch of "Latin" (which is a really wide and generic term) drum lessons lately. I wanted to explain the basics of alot of the styles. I thought I'd just lump them all here for easy reference. There will be follow ups, especially on the Mambo and Samba lessons, that will go a bit deeper.

Led Zeppelin Drum Lesson Series...aka, "John Bonham is such a beast it makes me wanna puke!"

I recently got a request to explain the groove for Led Zeppelins "Poor Tom"...and then another...and another...and it's turned into something of a series. I still have a couple of more I'm working on, but here's the ones that are up so far..."Poor Tom", "The Ocean", and "Fool In The Rain"...Hope you dig 'em!

P.S. All of my videos should be in HD from here on out...Who's your daddy?!