Monday, February 21, 2011

On Being Motivated To Practice...

Blood Red Visions Practice Drummer 1

What if motivation doesn't matter?

Because it doesn't.

I think way to much is made about being "motivated" to get a task completed (i.e. practice).

How about being "committed" to practicing?

Brings it into a whole new light, doesn't it?

What if you set a scheduled time every day that you sit down at the drums, pull your notepad out, and start going down your checklist of things you need to work on. Novel idea, I know.

Here's the deal…in music we often get stuck in the "I'm not inspired" rut…i.e. I'm not inspired so I'm gonna sit here and play video games, or watch mindless television, or whatever. What good is being inspired to play if when you sit down to play you can't actually play the ideas you have because you haven't developed the facility to execute them?

So back to that motivation thing…who needs it…let's change it to "committed"…Be committed to practice everyday.

I don't miss many commitments in life…at least not the ones I really care about. And if you don't really care about playing your instrument, then why are you reading this anyways…you'd be better off going and watching some t.v.


Jay Williams said...

OUTSTANDING post! Being committed is essential to success in ANY endeavor. Well done sir.

Drumsart said...

Where's the passion? If you crave playing, there's no lack of commitment, or motivation.

Stephen said...

@Jay...Thanks so much...sometimes it's best to just be blunt, lol.
@Drumsart...I agree, but everyone goes through those dry spells. You know, the uncreative times, the discouraging times, the busy's times like those that a simple schedule and dog nosed determination are the only things that will keep you pushing. It all starts with passion though...

Drumsart said...

So true. Right now, there are ideas hitting at me from all angles, but I'm having a rough time getting them executed. So, how do I develop that facilty, when it's easy enough to start but can't finish? I guess the commitment concept kicks in, till that moment comes where you're feeling really inspired, everything falls into place and you can walk away feeling great, or is there another way to approach it?

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