Thursday, February 24, 2011

Child Sex Trafficking...Help a Worthy Cause...

This has nothing to do with drums.

This has everything to do with common human decency...and compassion...and caring...and giving of your time and resources.

I've gotten involved with Conspiracy of Hope, a fundraising organization that helps provide monetary means to the people and non-profits on the front lines of the child sex trafficking war. I know the founder about as well as you can know a person...100% of the money raised goes towards the cause...along with alot more blood, sweat, and tears to make it happen.

The goal is $10,000...and I think it would be really cool if a bunch of drummers could help us get there. I don't ask alot from you guys, I'm simply here to help. But today I am asking...for you to give...for you to share the link to the campaign...for you to get involved and make a difference to someone in the world. Just click the link above to help.

And thank you...from the bottom of this drummers heart.


Mark Langham said...

Thanks Stephen!

Stephen said...

There's no need to thank me, man...I would be a poor excuse for a person if I saw a cause like this and didn't get involved.


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