Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Drummers of Next Big Nashville

It's time for Nashville's annual indie music fest...Next Big Nashville. Lots of bands, lots of clubs, lots of rock, lots of tunes.

NBN is very similar to business and industry forums during the day with showcases starting in the late afternoon and running until the wee hours. I'm involved with NBN this year (my band will be playing) and so I thought that there would be no better opportunity to have some great interviews than now.

I've got some great drummers lined up. The drummers are in bands that run the gammet...startups, established indie bands, hired guns, indie label types, and major label types. I'm wanting to portray what it's like to be in a band or to be a hired gun at this point in time in the music business (especially the indie music business). I feel that far too often being in a band is glamorized and some people have the wrong impression. It takes hard work, practice, hard work, sweat, hard work...oh, and did I mention hard work?...along with some luck and good breaks.

Here's a promo video to give you an idea of what NBN is...

Next Big Nashville Promo from Next BIG Nashville on Vimeo.

...and check out photos from last year here

So be checking back in the next few days...there's gonna be some great stuff comin' out!


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