Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wilco Drummer Glenn Kotche-Video of the Week

So I'm interrupting my three part series on joint pain and musicians to bring you this weeks "Video of the Week". I know, I know...I skipped last weeks video...sorry. I was on the road and just didn't have time to post one...but this weeks will make up for it....I PROMISE!!!

Glenn Kotche is the drummer for the band Wilco. He's doing a TON to expand the idea of the drumkit as a solo and compositional instrument. This isn't your run-of-the-mill drum solo with fast doubles and stick twirls. This is strictly focusing on creating a piece of real music using the drumkit augmented by other percussive instruments. He's trying to creat a mood...I didn't see a thing in this solo that was aimed at impressing you with what a fast or technical player he is. Glenn is always seeking to serve the music and stretch the instrument...and his reward is a status as one of todays top drummers.

So open up your mind, clear out any pre-conceptions you may have, close your eyes and soak up this inspirational piece.


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