Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing to do with Drumming?

This was done by David Gillespie

This may seem like it has nothing to do with drumming...or your career...or your livelihood...or your future...

...and it's ok if you don't get took me a LONG time to get it...

...but get it you must...cause if you don't you're probably already sunk as a striving creative entity with the need and drive to monetize your abilities for personal sustenance...

Some highlights that blew my mind...

-It is now as easy to create content as it is to consume it...that is the important part of what is happening. That is what people are referring to when they say "social media".

-If both the web and media are inherentyl social, and if business must have a presence online, then business must have a social element. To not have that is to forego both logic and opportunity.

-“It makes increasingly less sense to talk about a publishing industry, because the core problem publishing solves-the incredible difficulty, complexity, and expense of making something available to the public-has stopped being a problem."
-Clay Shirky

...This has taken the previous model of content being scarce, media being expensive, and the attention of the audience being guaranteed- and flipped it.

"If I tell my Facebook friends about your brand, it is because I like my friends-not because I like your brand!" -Mike Arauz

The Three Musketeers rule:

All For One is the 20th century value creation. It is drive by the self-interest and excelled in the silos.
One For All is how businesses thrive today. When they create value for themselves, they create value for an eco-system.

Freemium: Now=Free combined with Now=Paid…Build an audience with FREE, use it to develop a premium product for PAID.

If you can figure out how to utilize the above information, you're looking at a beautiful, rewarding, and influential career...


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