Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snare Strainer Issues

Had a question come in on Facebook about a finicky snare strainer.

"Hey Steve ! question about my snare, I can't seem to disconnect the snare wire from the reso head, when I disconnect it, it's still buzzing and connected, and then when I re-connect it (flick the switch up) it's got the usual buzz. I can never seem to find the balance so that I can play a nice non-snare wire snare, and then reconnect it to play normal. I hope that makes sense. Is that normal !? I've got a Mapex Black Panther snare."


"Yea, it makes sense bro. Nice snare btw! IF I'm a gambling man, your problem comes from when you put the snares on. The throw off only allows you so much leeway in how much you can loosen or tighten your snares. The other component is when you're actually installing the snare. I would loosen the screws where the strings are run through the harness on each side. Then, loosen the knob for the throw off almost all the way. Then, pull the snare strings on each side to where they're just at the point of not touching the head. Tighten the screws back up. Now try to tighten the knob on the throw off. This should give you ALOT more versatility and room for getting various snare sounds. When you have a strainer problem, it either lies in the throwoff tension, a mistake you made in the installation of the strainer, or a malfunction on the part of the harness on your snare."

-Stephen T.

"yeah that does make sense, thanks ! I've had a good play around with it and it's sounding pretty amazing now actually, I tuned it and sorted out the snare wire (I think I had the throw off thingys way too tight, I've got one on either side as well) I've tuned the snare up more, and loosened the snare wire by using the screws. Thanks for the response... now ... on to re-tuning my toms !

thanks again"


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