Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Second Drum Lessons???

Every now and then I get complaints. Complaints that I talk to much in my lessons...which I sometimes agree with, LOL! That being said, it's a drum lesson. You play and you talk. That's all there is to do. I have some full half hour lessons and clinics up there, some shorter ten minute lessons, and some still shorter 5 minute lessons (you can find TONS more of them for download on my website HERE).

So I came up with the ultimate drum lesson for you guys that hate all of the talking...they're only 30 seconds long! I've posted a couple of them, and I've gotten a great response...so there will be lots more. They essentially consist of a slow demonstration, a faster demonstration, and then a practical use demonstration. NO TALKING!!! They're not meant to be full drum lessons...just consider them drum "snacks". You can take the stickings and ideas and use them however you want. Hope you enjoy learning them as much as I did!


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