Monday, July 11, 2011

Something I Dug Up From College...

Since I write this blog, I get to choose what goes on it. I try my best to not make it about myself...but seeing as the only experience I have to draw on is my own, I wind up in alot of the posts. Sorry about that.

This is a recording (I believe from my senior recital). My arrangement of Afro-Blue. For you drum nerds, here's what I'm doing.

1. A 3 over 4 pattern in the feet with 4 being on the kick and 3 being on the hi-hat. This lays over 6/8 quite well.

2. A 6/8 cascara pattern (for the most part) in my right hand. I don't stick strictly to that (I think I start off differently actually), but that's what I base most of it off of.

3. 6/8 Clave in my left hand split between the rim of the snare and the toms. I was working on incorporating the different subdivisions of the 3 over 4 polyrhythm into my solo as well as my playing.

Funny to look back on these kinds of things.


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