Friday, July 8, 2011

Playing in Front of 120,000 People

I get to know some really great people through the lessons that I do online. Some really talented, passionate, and driven people. I love it. I met Matt the same way I meet alot of people (geez, I sound like a dating service). Matt plays for Chris Medina (formerly of American Idol), along with a few other groups. We've talked off and on about drums, lessons, etc...then I get this message that he's got the opportunity of a lifetime...check it out...

"Hey man,

I wanted to drop u a line and say thanks for all you do. The lessons, the inspiration, and even the time you took to write back to me with the valuable advice! Im not sure if you remember, but you gave me some confidence and just put a couple things in perspective about playing rock music. The past few months of watching and working on your lessons really helped me to not only improve, but motivate me as well. Tomorrow I'll be playing in Oslo in front of 100,000 people and I can't believe it myself. But before I start rambling, I just want to say thanks again, and any advice you like to throw my way I would totally appreciate it!"

Best regards,
Matt Sebby

Bro, I can't tell you how proud I am of you. That's awesome! What a gig...not many drummers have the opportunity to play to an audience like you will tomorrow. I'll tell you from experience...enjoy EVERY minute of that show. It's something you'll tell your kids about.

The fact that I've been able to motivate/inspire/teach you in any way is huge to me. I really do do this because I love it. No other reason.

And as far as advice on a gig like that...

1) Take a second before you play, set the nerves aside, and really appreciate what is happening. Those people are there to see you. And that's an awesome feeling. Don't let it slide by without acknowledging it.

2) Playing in front of 100k people or 100 people is the same...concentrate on the music, only do the things you know you can pull off confidently, and lay down the groove...that's what they came to hear.

3) Take pictures! Lol, seriously, it's a big deal and you'll want to remember it.

You made my night by letting me know that I've played a positive role in what you do. Keep it up, you've got greatness written all over you bro!

Let me know how it goes.

-Stephen T.

Seriously?! How many people do you know that get an opportunity like that? There wound up being over 120,000 people at the concert...simply a really cool experience for anyone. Check out the video of the show...

Matt recently came through town on tour and we got to catch up before their show at The Rutledge. Had a blast getting to hear about everything he's doing.

I post this simply to can do anything you want in life. You can tour, you can play in front of hundreds of thousands of people, or you can decide to stay in your hometown and teach kids with a passion for the instrument. You just have to decide what your best life looks like and go after it.

As a sidenote...if any of you ever come through Nashville, please look me up. I'm always available to grab some food, hang out before the show, or whatever. I'm seriously your biggest fan. The success that I get to hear about you guys having just floors me.


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