Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rolls and Finger Control

Had a couple of questions on Facebook about rolls (single and double) and finger control...

Any tips on developing good drum rolls? Ive been practicing and I can do pretty some cool stuff but i just cant seem to get my drum rolls down. both single and double stroke rolls.


What's up, you'll be striving for a better double and single stroke roll your whole life (I know I still do). Every drummer I know that's worth their beef still consistently works on them.

Here's two lessons I did...

Double Stroke:

Single Stroke:

See if those help out a bit. If they're not the answer you're looking for or you need more info, let me know and I'll hit you up with an answer tomorrow morning!

And the next morning...

Thank you for the videos. Those videos will really help me. One more questions it seems that when i speed up my finger on my left hands start to kick in, but the fingers on my right hand will not. Any tips on how to get better control and speed with fingers?


Ask and you shall's a lesson on finger is on finger control with traditional grip and one is on finger control with matched grip...let me know if that helps or you need more info...

Matched Grip:

Traditional Grip:

Hope those help!

-Stephen T.


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