Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Teacher That's Makin' It Happen

I posted two lessons a couple of weeks ago...one on single stroke rolls and one on double stroke rolls. I got into a conversation with a drum teacher, and he's putting into place some GREAT ideas and seeing fantastic results with his students. Here's the lessons and conversation we had via Facebook...

"Eddie Vallee March 28 at 11:32am Report
Great points. I like the approach and exercises.. I'm also going to make a chart for my students and get the parents involved! I think simply giving them more accountable structured system in this area is the key. A good chart will force them to slowly approach the skill with patience...and will also hold them accountable com lessons time. Thanks so much!"


"That's a really great idea. I've made similar charts before...I basically pit the students against each other, get a little healthy competition going on. Have a drummer of the month or something like that...anything that recognizes them excelling. I've also done a public practice chart...If they came to the lesson and didn't practice, their chart got no marks, if they had, they would get marks depending on how much improvement was made. The other players see it and then begin to have a small amount of healthy peer pressure to get in the woodshed.

Whatever gets them practicing!"


Eddie Vallee April 24 at 10:19am Report
"Just wanted to drop you a note and give you a big THANK YOU for your input and lesson work regarding the double stroke rolls I asked you about a few weeks ago. I've since gotten my students fired up using your techniques....and have seen immediate results in not only their playing ...but mine too. I've also purchased a Beatnik RA800P Rhythmic Analyzer drum Pad and and am electronically monitoring each students accuracy each week on a chart. I've created a fun little "silent competition" amongst all of my students....both young and old. Again.....I very much appreciate your help and advice. Thanks Stephen! ! ! ! "
-Eddie Vallee

"Bro, I can't tell you how much that makes my day! I'm so glad you're seeing some tangible results with your students. I know how much it helps a teacher to finally see some fowards progress! And this is a huge testament to you too...they wouldn't be going anywhere without a teach leading them.

You're incorporating some great ideas and benchmarks for these guys to strive towards. Wish all teachers tried that hard. Keep me up on how they're fairing...and again, thanks!"



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