Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"If Only Love Were the Cure" Campaign Update: W-O-W!!!

You guys never cease to frickin' AMAZE me with your love for the instrument, your willingness to learn and share your knowledge and experience, and your generosity. We raised over $2,400 in the first 24 hours we had the fundraiser live...that's a hundred dollars an hour...AMAZING!!! Thank you guys SO MUCH. We're halfway through day 3 and we're up to $2,895. We have 72 days left on the campaign...looks like we're on our way to hit our goal in more than enough time. Even though we've kicked it off to a stellar beginning, there are still some things you can do (and you don't have to give money to help out!).

We're looking to increase our "Go Go Factor". Doing so gives us more visibility and could land us on the front page of IndieGoGo's website, as well as in their other various public news outlets. So here's a few things that will take you all of 30 seconds to do...

1. Use the "Share" buttons at the bottom of the campaign video. It will allow you to share it on Facebook and Twitter, so DO IT!!!

2. Share this link through email as well as on your social sites. This specific link is monitored by IndieGoGo peeps and helps us with our "Go Go Factor", which is what could land us on the FRONT PAGE of the IndieGoGo website! With such a great start, we're hoping to snag a spot.

3. If you have a blog (and I know some of you do!), go below the video on the campaign page and grab the widget for embedding on websites and blogs. It'll look like the below link...

Again, the Appel family and I can't say thank you enough for all of the support! Now lets spread the word more!!!


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