Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Tuber Question

hi stephen. Im a proud subscriber of you on
youtube. my youtube name is zwegyi1000000. maybe u might have seen me
comment a couple of times but anyway, i just wanted to know your
opinion on drumsticks.

first of all, i believe you have heard of Ahead Aluminium drumsticks
right? what are your opinions on it? especially versus wood sticks.
people either love ahead or hate them. some swear by them while some
hate them to the core.

currently i'm using AHEAD 5AB Hybrid series (studio) and AHEAD JJ1
Speed Metal drumsticks.

the biggest question is, do u recommend using aluminium sticks? have
you tried them before by any chance? what are your thoughts, man?? i
mean, on the net different people are giving all sorts of opinions and
2 persons give 2 opinions. so just wanted to know your valued opinion.
thanks lots


What's up Ivan. I'm stoked you subscribe and even more happy that the lessons help you...and yes, I know who you are bro, great to hear from you again!

I don't love aluminum sticks personally. I think they feel unnatural and are rougher on the cymbals. That being said, that's just my PERSONAL opinion...every player needs to make a decision on their sticks based on their particular needs, preferences, and likes. So whether I like aluminum sticks or not, it shouldn't affect whether you like them or not. How they feel in your hands, the sound they get, and how they make you play when using them are all WAY more important things to consider than what some guy on the internet has to say about them.

I appreciate you thinking enough of me to take the time to write and ask a question as personal to a drummer as stick preference. Hopefully, that helped a little!




jgodshall said...

I use AHEAD 5Bs to practice with. I just got tired of all the saw dust I was getting off my wooden sticks and I was going through them pretty fast. I don't consider myself a heavy hitter either, so I thought the aheads might be more economical in the long run. Also, they are a little heavier than the promark 5Bs I tend to use, so I just took that as a way to help build up some endurance, and sure enough the wooden 5Bs seem a little lighter now. It took me over a year before I had to replace the sleeve of my 1st pair of aheads, and I have only broken one in 3 years. Yes, they feel different than wooden sticks (heavier, less vibration = playing louder), yes they are 3x the cost, and you have to wrap them, but it's not a bad thing to have a pair around to practice with. I guess I'm one of those guys who'll try anything when it comes to sticks, but I always have a pair of the aheads available.

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