Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Tube, Bass Tracks, and other news...

So you may have noticed that I'm fully functioning has been hectic, to say the least, as of late. Here's a brief rundown of what's been happening the past 6 months or so, some having to do with new additions to the blog, and others not so much...

1) My wife is pregnant w/ our second drummer...I mean, um, boy...we're due at the beginning of September and we couldn't be more excited about it!

2) You've probably already read in a past post, but my band Lovers and Liars signed w/ Universal Republic Records (Owl City, 3 Doors Down, Amy Winehouse, Mika, Colbie Caillat, Tori Amos...) a few months ago and we've since been going non-stop to get all of the details that go along w/ that in time, contracts, rehearsals, pre-production, recording, photos, management,'s been quite exciting, but alot of work at the same time. We finished up recording a few weeks ago and the final mixes should be in by the end of the week...If you'd like to check out a video of our studio time go here.

3) I finished my home studio (See the photo above)'s taken me over two years to purchase the house, buy the equipment, build the room out...lots of time, but alas, excepting for a few minor esthetic issues, it's finished...

4)You can now find on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and most recently..... YOU TUBE!
You've probably noticed alot of the new posts have been lessons from the YouTube page...I'm having ALOT of fun getting these together and have TONS more to come...I've been out on the road a good bit this month, and so most of them have been me w/ a practice pad or brushes...look for more full kit posts in the next month as well as a series on the different grips, finger control, etc. In addition, the sound quality should be getting MUCH do all of this I've had a huge learning curve w/ video editing, recording software, and the likes...but it's all smoothing out...thanks for bearing w/ me while I work on getting better quality videos and lessons to you.

5) And the most recent addition, one that I'm STOKED about, might I add...I've been pooling my resources and have started collecting play along bass tracks from several producers and bass players in the Nashville area...some really great players. There are two tracks up at the moment...they'll be getting better as we go. Check out the top of the blog to hear them. I really just wanted to test the waters w/ the first couple and the response has been really encouraging! I had a cd full of play along bass tracks in college that I absolutely wore out practicing to...and hopefully I'll be able to build a really great library of tunes for you to download and practice w/...that being said, there is a small charge. To bring you the quality I'm wanting to in the future, it's costing a bit of hopefully your donation per tune will help to offset some of those costs so that I can keep putting them up...and PLEASE, I love feedback about these things! Feel free to contact me through any of the social pages, here, or via email...I love hearing from you guys!

So I really haven't been sitting on my laurels...I've been busting hump, and hopefully you can benefit from some of my work! Thanks again for reading!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stephen,

Just wanted to say THANKS for writing your blog. . .It is refreshing to have someone of your talent, with your knowledge and skill set giving back to drummers such as myself who are only in the first few years of learning. Learning lots Thanks again...

Congrats on your expanding family news :)


Audiyo said...

Thanks so much Raelene...Glad others can learn from my mistakes!


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