Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drum Lesson: Killer Chops...Finger Technique for Faster Hands-Matched Grip

I've been working on my "skills" w/ the video editing, as well as audio recording/ the sound quality should be much clearer on this lesson, along with there being a hi definition option for the video...I shot this one and the next lesson while I was on the road this past week...expect full kit lessons to start coming in the next couple of weeks as I'm off the road and able to get back into my studio...


Lawrence Halter said...

When I was first got a hold of a drum stick was after my architectural class in college, when I played and failed at Drum Mania at the arcade near us due to sheer curiosity, and with that, I suddenly fell in love in playing the drums. Fast forward to few months by the time I had my first drumming lesson, oh boy, I sucked at it! My hands are as hard as bronze when hitting those for the first time.

But, thanks to the continued lessons from my teacher and my unyielding interest for music, I managed to get it right.

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