Friday, January 29, 2010

Lesson 5: Flam Paradiddle

flam paradiddle


New rudiment for ya'll to chew on, the almighty Flam Paradiddle. I play this rudiment two ways...
1) With an accent on the flam.
2) Without the accent on the flam.

...again, taking it through the Rhythmic Scale.

I have quite a few of these rudiments written out in this way, so I'll keep posting them for all that are interested. The purpose of running the rudiments in this way is to get you used to thinking in every degree of the scale. We can move on to some deeper stuff a little later, but the foundation has to be have to be comfortable counting the subdivisions before we can work on anything else. Hopefully you're still working on The Blueprint too...alot more exercises to come out of that also, but once again, the groundwork must be laid.



sun light said...

The paradiddle is a funny little rudiment, because if you
walk into an average middle school band program, even some
of the trumpet players and other wind players, usually boys,
know about paradiddles. I seem to recall many of them asking
me what a paradiddle is, because they'd heard of them, but
didn't know how they were played. I think it's definitely
one of the most popular rudiments among kids.

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