Monday, January 4, 2010

Custom Builder Highlight: Anchor Drums...

I've been talking with Shawn from Anchor Drum Co. We connected through the DrummerEtc FB page, and after I checked out some of his drums, decided everyone should know about Anchor Drums.

As you can see in the pics, Shawn and his crew build beautiful drums...from lug to finish. They're not as interested in building a company as they are in building a community of people that supports their "brand" and interpretation of what drums should look...and In his own words...

"We want to build beautiful drums that have a distinctive look and feel to them. No, we are not here to re-create drums. We are not here to be better than any other company. There are some fantastic companies out there doing some amazing things with drums! We are here because we love drums. We want to create beautiful pieces of art that are also, as we call them, “beefy cannons”. Sort of flows with our vibe and theme. We love the nautical/pirate aspect, what can I say."

What a novel something of quality and uniqueness and concern yourself more with the people involved than the object you've created and your bottom line. He's making a brand that interprets the drums as he see them. That's quality peoples I tell ya!

And as far as pricing goes...for a custom built kit, they're VERY competitively priced...and they offer specials every now and then, so check back don't wanna miss out on a chance to get a drum of this quality for the price he offers them at. They've also got some plans for some nice swag (shirts) check it won't be disappointed!


Philip said...

Those are some beautiful looking drums! Props to Shawn!

Audiyo said...

@Philip...Glad you think so too...beautiful looking drums made by some great people...

Anonymous said...

Big time nice drums, God bless'em

Charlie Dunn said...

Shawn and co. are currently building a 'Bonham' style kit for me. Really great customer service thus far. Can't wait to see how things turn out.

Stephen said...

Would you mind postin' sendin' me some pics once they're done? I'd love to see it!


Charlie said...


Will be sure to post/send pics. I'm sure Shawn will have them posted on their Facebook and webpage prior to me receiving them.

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