Monday, August 31, 2009

Drum Video of the Week: Weckl, Gadd, and Vinnie

Three masters...this is really a great video. I picked my jaw up after it was over. Simply amazing. Notice these three things:

1) Everyone of them uses a different setup and utilizes it in their own way.

2) Everyone of them uses different types of heads and different ranges of tuning.

3) If you ever wanted to get an up close and personal lesson from the masters on traditional grip, here ya go.


Keith said...

Wow man... what a great find. I thought you were kidding about picking up your jaw... I noticed about 3 min. in that mine had dropped.

You can see the passion that all three of these guys have for playing just this video alone.

Audiyo said...

Yea, this video is of my favorites now. Gadd is always phenomenal, but to see him get as animated as he does in this video is inspiring in itself

One question though...what was Weckl thinkin with that hair man?!

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