Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Glenn said...

Thats awesome. I also love the stuff youve covered on new orleans style drumming. I recently picked up a meters cd on a visit to the rock n roll hall of fame and i really love it. My wife and i are actually going to new orleans in late August. I know theres absolutely music everywhere but are there some must see spots or cats playing that i just shouldnt miss? Id love to know about them . Thanks, and i look forward to the weekly lessons, sincerely, Glenn

Audiyo said...

What's up Glenn...

Absolutely! Go check out The Maple Leaf. Great local bar. You'll also want to hit up the Snug Harbor area for some fantastic local jazz. If you'd like to inbox me I can put you in touch with some players from there that will help you find out what's going on in town. If any of these groups are playing, go see them...Kermit Ruffins and the Backyard BarB-Que Swingers, Rebirth Brass Band, or Papa Grows Funk. Hope that helps!

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