Tuesday, July 24, 2012

These Lessons Don't Suck

In an effort to find a way to better proliferate the drum knowledge throughout the worldwide intrawebz, I've started a new and COMPLETELY FREE weekly email subscription. It's called "These Lessons Don't Suck". It's pretty simple, you go HERE, enter your email addy, and I send you a free weekly email lesson. The lesson will consist of a PDF breakdown of a concept, a PDF and audio breakdown, or a PDF and video breakdown. Sometimes it will just be sheet music, sometimes a full on video lesson. What I can promise you it will NOT be is spam. One email a week, with a lesson...that's it.

Disclaimer: I sell some things on my website. This isn't news to anyone. I will alert you when there is a new book, a new offer on the live lessons, or something cool is happening on the site. But that's it.  This email subscription is about DRUM LESSONS not spammy, cheesy hocking of widgets.  I just wanted to be clear ;^)

Of course, the live weekly drum lessons are still happening (sign up this month and get a free copy of my newest book "An Introduction To Interdependence").  Go here to sign up for those lessons.

So, if you're interested, please hop on over to the site and sign up.  I promise, these lessons don't suck.


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