Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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Had another question come in...



i got a question mate should i use heavy sticks or ligth sticks cuz i m comfortable with light ticks but people in my country all practise with heavy sticks n using lights sticks makes peeps think i may be u kow cheater or sth thts y i use heavy sticks ur thoughts on tht plz??


What's up...

Here's my final answer...Use the sticks that make you most comfortable. Period.

Now a bit of explanation.

I know alot of players (I've done it before myself) use heavier sticks to practice with. They do this for a couple of reasons...

1) When they go back to lighter sticks, their hands are quicker from having to practice on heavier sticks. This is a very normal occurence and makes complete sense. If you can play something at a fast speed with heavier sticks, you should be able to play a bit quicker when you put smaller sticks in your hands. I've done that before.

2) Anytime I've recently gotten a heavier hitting gig, I switch sticks. For instance, if I go to a hard hitting rock gig, I'll use a 2B. I lose some of my finesse, but if you're playing larger venues through large sound systems behind distorted guitars, chances are you're not gonna be incorporating alot of finesse. Likewise, if I play a small jazz gig, I'll use 7A's.

In the end, it's what you're most comfortable with. I've used a 5A as my go to stick for years. It's very versatile. That being said, I used alot of 7A's while in college b/c I was involved with alot of small jazz groups and latin type combos. I've also used 2B's for stints in my career.

I'll say this once and I really hope you catch it...


Everyone is unique. Play what fits your hands and style.

Hope that helps!

-Stephen T.


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