Monday, June 13, 2011


Sorry to shout at you in the title...but I'm seriously that excited about this! I've been working for the past 6 months to pump this thing to print, and it's finally there.

"Functioning In Time" is a book on one of my favorite topics...permutation. We define what a permutation is (and isn't) and then use familiar warm ups, popular grooves, and linear patterns to work through the concept. The second half of the book deals with combinations. I know, I know, combination is a broad term...but not when it's dealt with in mathematics. And that's the definition we use to work through the topic. We take a very strict approach to the definition of combinations and then use popular sampled drum grooves to learn how to function using combinations (lots of Drum and Bass goodness!)

I made sure to put things in there for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. I'm hoping that once you grasp the idea, you'll be able to apply it to several areas of your playing. If you'd like to pick up a copy, CLICK HERE. The book is available to be shipped worlwide in either paperback form via snail mail, or in pdf form through your email.

Above is a lesson I did on a linear pattern found in the book. It breaks the fill down, permutates it, and then applies it to soloing and grooving.


Mark Langham said...

awesome man!!!

Jeff Jones said...

congrats on the book. I used Create Space for mine. I have heard great things about Lulu as well. Pub on demand is the only way to go. Got your email as a forward with some other drummers from USM on there. I assume you went there. I was there for one year 92-93, Wootons 1st year. Check out my blog here at I will be checking out your youtube channel and blog. Thanks for the email update.


Stephen said...

You bet...SOUTHERN MISS TO THE TOP!!! Lol, really enjoyed studying under Dr. Wooton. I've actually checked out your blog before (I'm trying to remember who told me about it...maybe Jeff Mills? He's also an old teacher of mine...and a BEAST of a player!). Where can I check out your book?


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