Saturday, December 17, 2011

Drum Shed Student You Tube Channel

So excited about all of the stuff that's been going on! Seriously, the Drum Shed more than tripled in size this week with new students (a big "welcome" to Scotland and Finland...just added a few peeps from across the pond). On top of that, I've been busy trying to make the live lesson experience as fun and interactive as possible.

First up is the forum for all of the live lesson students. It's simply a place where the students can talk to each other about the lessons, ask me questions, etc. Basically a big drum hang out on the website that's only open to the students. The second "hang out" I've been working on this week is the Drum Shed Student You Tube page. I'm really excited about it! This channel will be available to all of the live lesson students to upload videos to. I needed a way to watch, critique, praise, and see progress. This allows me to do all of those as well as allows the other students to see how others are progressing and challenge themselves to do better. Not to mention the pressure of having to hit "record" will make you practice all the harder! Most of the videos will be of students working through the live lesson exercises. That being said, it's not limited to that. I want it to be a place where ideas can be spread and students can learn from each other. Check out the first two student vids from Marcus. The first one is of him working through some finger control exercises. You need to understand...these are videos of students working through new concepts. They're raw and uncut...I LOVE IT!!! The second is Marcus again, but this time he's sharing a tip that he learned at a recent clinic (one that I've used for glad he threw it up there).

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Billy said...

I just watched Lewis demonstrate what he has learned on the live lesson. Congrats Lewis it sure looks like your doing well. Like a true professional when you drop your stick you don't stop and grab another. Now there's a lesson in it's-self for all drummers who are striving to be pro's. Don't Stop. Again congrats. Cheers and good drumming Billy Australia

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