Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Made My Day...

Literally...this email made my day.

"Hey Man,
I am a graduate student at Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ and I never really played a lot of drum set until a year ago. I was predominantly a classical guy. Then I started taking some lessons to make myself more employable and I just started loving it. Soon I found myself involved with the musical theater scene as a drummer/percussionist and over the past few months you videos have been saving my butt. I went from zero drum set knowledge over the past year to having to know a little about EVERY style of drumming possible and your videos were definitely a really helpful part of that process to me. Thank you so much man!"

Spencer Goad
Percussionist &
Music Educator

What's up Spencer,

Bro, thank you SO much for letting me know the lessons have helped you. Seriously, it makes my day man. I try to put a good cross section of styles and genres up. It's nice to see it help peeps.

I completely understand having to be versatile in the theater setting...I used to play shows monthly (kinda miss it actually). Keeps you on your toes to say the least. Most of all, I'm glad you finally fell in love with the drum kit (cue cheesy music). I literally love this instrument, and the fact that I can proliferate that to other players that have just latched onto it is awesome.

If there's ever any styles or a particular question you have pertaining to playing in that setting, please don't hesitate to ask. That's why I'm here.

Again, Thanks for letting me know!

-Stephen T.


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