Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jazz Paradiddle

Here's a message I got from Facebook out of Australia. I think they're both killer patterns and can probably expect a lesson on them in the near future.

Cheers for sending it Davis!

"RLRR LRLRLL RLRLRLRR and completely alternate LRLL RLRLRR LRLRLRLL. Further, you can swing this pattern between snare and ride. Speed it up slow it down, whatever- it's a great excercise.
This was an exercise Thelonious Monk Jr. Shared with me. Supposedly Max Roach taught it to him. I've got one more for you-

Standard Swing pattern on ride
2 and 4 on hats
Quarter notes on snare
Bass drum on the "and" of each snare beat

Alvin fielder taught this to me. It was a beat him and jack dejohnette experimented with. The pattern can be varied by switching snare and bass role. This seems easy, but it may drive you kind off nuts for a minute."


Anonymous said...

A plain paradiddle-diddle between snare and ride is also a great exercise for "time", and for practising the paradiddle-diddle of course.


sun light said...

You can use paradiddles within drum fills to create patterns
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Experiment with playing paradiddles between different sound
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soon be dazzled by the number of drum fills you can come up
with based around this concept.

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