Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do You Make This Thing Happen?

That’s really the only question you need to worry about.

Careers make lousy people builders, but people build great careers.

Before a builder ever breaks the first bit of ground, he has his blueprints. For a large building, a company may spend two to three years planning the exact details…Why? Because if you spit out some blueprints and don’t take into account the ground type, how high the building will go, size of foundation, etc, the building won’t be standing long. The plans have to be there first.

Do you have your blueprints for what you’d like your music career to look like?

If not, it’s time to pull out a pen and start planning. First, you need to decide the field you want to be in…I’m guessing music. Second, you need to decide what your idea of success is in that field. And third, you need to figure out all of the potential avenues that may take you to that spot. This is the place that most get lost…

Playing isn’t your only option…and neither is teaching…there are TONS of different avenues to glean income from in the field of music, you just have to define them. I’ll post some more on this later…


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